What is Tree Surgery?

What Is Tree Surgery? Who Called For The Tree Doctor? Do trees really need surgery?

That sounds quite unusual as we often think of trees as strong and sturdy, that could withstand whatever nature throws at them. How else have they survived and live longer than any other living creature, right?

Yes, trees are living creatures too although they seem like lifeless statues. You were probably quite shocked to find that out in first school biology class when the teacher said trees were a type of species too.

For everything that’s living, there will always be a growing need for a professional who specialises in treating and keeping species healthy. Us humans have doctors, pets and animals have veterinarians, and trees have trees surgeons. To keep the world and all of its species safe will ensure a better future for the many generations to come.

If you’ve never heard of a Tree Surgeon, let’s briefly talk about who they are and what they do.

What Is A Tree Surgeon?

When you think of the word surgeon, you often are reminded of blood spilling everywhere as if it were from a horror story. Unlike any of those images that you imagine, it is quite different when it comes to operating surgery on trees. They don’t spill blood everywhere and don’t really bother if you cut off a branch or two.

Google’s definition of a tree surgeon is, “a person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them.”

Tree surgeons are tree doctors, and like doctors, they must be highly skilled equipped with the knowledge of how the anatomy and physiology of trees/plants work. The work of a tree surgeon is more risky that requires good handling skills with heavy duty equipment.

Another name for tree surgeon is also known as Arborists.

Trees are an important organism that is part of the ecosystem, and yes, just like humans and animals, they are in need of specialists who can take care of them too.

What Tree Surgeons Do And How It’s Possible

Like we mentioned previously, a tree surgeon is “a person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them.”, we get the general idea of what they do.

Everything that has to do with keeping trees healthy from the soil that is used to the old branches that are dangling on trees, a tree surgeon has to keep a keen eye out for. The job is a little more dangerous than your normal caretaker, especially when you have to be daring enough to go out and care for trees during a storm up.

It’s with the help of modern technology that really allows tree surgeons to perform their task more effectively and efficiently. Using these technology allows them to easily move a tree from a dangerous survival area to another more growth-friendly environment.


If you are a tree lover or care a lot for trees, it could be a calling for you to join the movement of keeping trees alive and healthy as a tree surgeon.

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, it is evident that we see a lack of care for our ecosystem. Tree surgeons are in demand to help protect and preserve nature and in return make our planet healthier to fight against pollution.

If you think your garden needs help, give The Tree Musketeers (Bournemouth’s Specialist Tree Surgeons) a call on 01202 383940 

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